2 Day -Age 5-12 Cooking Camp for Children- Classes are held at the premises

06/07/2021, 11:00 - 14:00


Tickets Available

*Classes are held at the premises* These 2 Day camps are carried out to make children feel comfortable and for them to have lots of fun.  

This camp is for 5 to 12-year age groups.

If your children have never done any cooking or can make certain things at home this doesn’t matter anyone can join our classes and have fun.

At the time of booking please do mention if your child will have any other family members or friends joining them.

This helps us to keep them in one group.

We do classes adhering to Covid 19 guidelines.

All children will make a main dish, accompaniment and a dessert.

Food, ingredients and Recipe folder included.

Tickets Available

I did MCS online Asian cookery class and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Yes, I did miss sitting and watching… Kamalika cooking away and then sampling what she cooked but this was a different experience. Kamalika sent me the recipes in advance and I had all the ingredients prepared. I followed along as she cooked. Kamalika checked in with me as she went along and I asked any questions that came up. The final product smelled and tasted amazing. My family gave it the thumbs up by gobbling it down. I would definitely recommend anybody giving this new way of online cooking a go… it brings out the ‘inner cook’ in you!

Alma Casey

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